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The album I have produced is a collection of songs gathered from the robot communities of North America. Few were aware of these remnants of our future; those who were had only questions: did they hate us, envy us, disdain us? Did they see the toaster as an appliance or as a brother? Had they inherited our lust for destruction, or did they seethe with the righteous anger of the oppressed?

Posing as the robot XJ3, No They Do lived undercover in robot and cyborg hamlets, listening to the stories the inhabitants told, and the songs they sang to and about each other, and about the humans they encountered. The risks were huge - it would have been so easy to be caught sweating, or breathing - but the rewards equally so. The songs of robots are surprisingly sad. Their emerging culture is not at all what we expected. We have barely scratched its surface.

Technological obsolescence may soon take from us this generation 1.0 of robot voices, documented for the first time by the XJ3.

No They Do live at KBOO - Hey Little robot

Vermillion Music

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No They Do -
When Robots Rule the World
1. Automaton
2. Lonely Robot Blues
3. 4 Senses on Alert
4. Temporary Arm
5. More Songs About Oven Mitts
6. Small Machines
7. I Bought a Robot
8. Robot of Love
9. Yeti is the New Robot
10. You are the Man
11. The Laws of Robotics
12. XB-5000-J
13. The End is Near